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see you tomorrow in KussKuss (Nogatstr, Neuk√∂lln) at 20:00 with our new toys ūüėČ
It will be experiMENTAL
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Upcoming Traded Pilots concerts:

*******November 14th 2014*******

in KUSSKUSS ‚ÄĒ Nogatstr. 30, 12051-Neuk√∂lln, 20:30

*******December 4th 2014*******

in DONAU115 ‚ÄĒ Donaustr. 115, 12043-Neuk√∂lln, 20:30

wallis graz

having a barrel of giggles on tour with Wallis Bird and co!

Austria – you’re MENTAL I love you

Still to come—

***Switzerland / Germany / Netherlands / Ireland***

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everything in one…


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here’s the full video of our whirlwind weekend in Munich!

Enjoy ūüôā



Tralalka featured in 'Stadtgespräche aus Neukölln'

Thank you so much to the wonderful Michaela Behrens for the lovely afternoon spent in my kitchen drinking tea and chatting about our experiences in our Viertel!

Here you can read the first page… for the rest of the interview and many more portraits of people living in Neuk√∂lln, past and present, your nearest Berliner bookshop or library will surely be at your service ūüôā


Photo by Stephan Talneau

taraxacum officinale

we’re so excited, it looks magical…

an old industrial site next to river and woods close to Chemniz

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photo by Gabriel Wolff

photo by Gabriel Wolff


see you in Monarch, Xberg this Wednesday!

26.03.14   @ 20:00

Skalitzer Straße 134, 10999 Berlin


we are supporting the craziness that is Vin Blanc White Wine…



thank you so much to everyone involved in our wonderful Tralalka record release concert! It was wonderful. ūüôā

Photo by Stephan Talneau

Photo by Stephan Talneau