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For our brothers and sisters who have risked life and limb to finally find a safe home for themselves and their families
If u think this very personal viewpoint could soften someone’s opinion of refugees, please share!

LYRICS HERE in the comments:

Before Sam and I had the pleasure of meeting our soul sister Illay, we made this docu with Berlinermoment- here’s the trailer!

So it would be a lie to say I’ve been great at keeping in touch! Sorry friends 😉

To bring you up to date:

We’re recording our debut Album! The guitar parts are mostly finished, now we have a very intense time to get the rest finished, aiming to start mixing in January… we’ll keep you posted 🙂 We can confirm that due to popular demand, we will be including the track ‘the Winds’ after all, after a flood of unexpected requests- thank you!

Upcoming shows: our last show of 2015 will be supporting the wild Theresa Bergmann:
08.11. in ROTER SALON @ 20:00

Be there or be a pear
better guitar tp


We are an emotional heap of joy at the moment – thanks to you guys…

Our Crowdfunding campaign for our Album WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! We surpassed our goal of 8,500€ to raise a whopping 9178€ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Studio dates- we’re recording it all at the end of November in 10 intense days. Songs are arranged, we’re sooooooo ready for this!!!!!

Here’s our crowdfunding video just for the laugh:

We have a small tour coming up in March… watch this space 😉

LOT (a.k.a. Ladies of Tralalka)

The new a cappella offshoot of Tralalka- we’ve been working on a musical journey in search of universal roots, through Eastern-European folk music. Unfortunately we had to cancel our concert at O-Tonart theater because our darling Petra has damaged her voice and is not allowed to speak 😦 We wish her a speedy recovery!

Here’s a newly released docu-video of LOT, By


Well our darling Miss Bird has been very busy recording her new album… in December we’re all hitting the studio together for a few days of arranging and recording. But I can tell you already- it’s sounding GREAT! I’m super excited to be involved with there wonderful people and musicians. Birdy and Aidan Aidan. Another case of ‘watch this space’ 😉

16.04 – Leipzig (Werk2)
17.04 – Hamburg (Hasenschaukel)
19.04 – Kölln (Wohngemeinschaft)
23.04 – Stuttgart (Café Merlin)
24.04 – Saarbrücken (Manufaktur der Schönen Dinge)
25.04 – Sarreguemines (FR) (Brasserie)

thank you so much to Stephan Talneau & Florent Chaintiou of BERLINER MOMENT you guys are bloody brilliant!

*************APRIL 2015 TOUR *************


Join the event / share HERE:

16.04.15 – L E I P Z I G * Werk2 * supporting T.B.A.

17.04.15H A M B U R G >Hamburger Küchensessions video session (you can see it online when it’s done 😉

>Followed by concert at *Hasenschaukel*:

18.04.15 ???

19.04.15 – K Ö L N >* Die Wohngemeinschaft * Theaterraum

23.04.15 – S T Ü T T G A R T   >* Kulturzentrum Merlin *

24.04.15 – S A A R B R Ü C K E N *  > Manufaktur der schönen Dinge …

25.04.15 – S A R R E G U E M I N E S * F R A N C E * >Terminus brasserie

Supporting ANTOINE VILLOUTRIEX at his 10 years in Berlin celebration!


more info/join facebook event… HERE ->

super excited to be supporting Cosmo in Privatclub on Monday!

it’s sold out, so I hope everyone has tickets already!!!

Here you can check out his shizzle:


TRADED PILOTS with LADIES OF TRALALKA (a cappella concert)

It’s gonna be a double whammy of funtimes…

11.12.14 at VILLA NEUKÖLLN

more details soon! 🙂

here are the ladies…