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So excited!

It’s a beautiful, intimate venue, so recommended to buy tickets in advance… you can get tickets HERE. Facebook event HERE.

Thanks To Flo @ Neukölln Un&Plugged for organising and being amaaaaaazing

rotbart flyer

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SOLO concert in the planning for June, in co-operation with the wonderful Neukoelln-Unplugged… watch this space 😉

Friends, we have a laughing and a crying eye- with a huge amount of love and pride, we present our long-awaited album KISMET. And in the same breath- we say goodbye to Tralalka. This will be our last concert together, a celebration of countless beautiful shows and moments with you. But it’s not the end- Tralalka is being reborn into OKO (formerly known as Ladies of Tralalka / LOT)- The end of Tralalka marks an exciting new beginning for the three Tralalka singers who are currently working on a black sea project.

So on this fine evening, we will drink, dance and make some history…

Facebook event:

you can join the facebook event here:

Having an awesome time with these beautiful people – I can’t believe it’s been a month on the road already! And still in love… We ate ALL the pasta in Italy. Now Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany…


Here are the remaining dates in case you didn’t catch us yet 🙂
Mi, 22.02.2017 — CH — Basel — Sommercasino Basel
Thu, 23.02.2017 — FR — Paris — LA BOULE NOIRE
 Fri, 24.02.2017 — Roubaix — La Cave aux Poètes
Sun, 26.02.2017 — BEL – Brüssel — Le Botanique
Mon, 27.02.2017 — NL – Amsterdam — Paradiso
Tue, 28.02.2017- NL – Nijmegen — Merleyn
Mi, 01.03.2017 — Bochum — Bahnhof Langendreer
Do, 02.03.2017 — Münster — Gleis 22
Fr, 03.03.2017 — Bremen — Tower 
Sa, 04.03.2017 — Hamburg — Mojo Club
Mo, 06.03.2017 — Bielefeld — Forum
Di, 07.03.2017 — Hannover — Kulturzentrum Faust
Mi, 08.03.2017 — Leipzig — Moritzbastei
Di, 18.04.2017 — Jena — Kassablanca
Mi, 19.04.2017 —Dresden — Beatpol
Do, 20.04.2017 — Freiburg — Jazzhaus
Fr, 21.04.2017 — Konstanz — Kulturladen
Sa, 22.04.2017 — AT – Dornbirn — Dynamo Festival
So, 23.04.2017 — Ulm — Roxy

From the wonderful Jake Thackray.

The first in a series of snow songs…
This is a song about a girl who had to look after her sheep on the moor in Swaledale. Yorkshire. She counted her sheep in the way of the time- yan, tan, tether, mether, pip…

Check out Jake Thackray, he is in incredible storyteller (if you can understand Yorkshirian ;):

Well hello there

We are happy to say there’s been a nice twist in the story… We’ve been working with the excellent woman that is Wallis Bird on some veeeeerrrrry funky basslines… here’s a video (thanks Lukas for posting!) of our gig at Hauptbahnhof Jubilaum- hope you enjoy as much as we did 😉



Hey there! On Sunday TRADED PILOTS had a break from our musical recording adventure, to meet up with Thomas, Guido and Dan from Indieahner, Alex Berlin TV and the lovely Lukas Meister. It was a really great session with great people, we’re looking forward to seeing it on screen!——> watch this spaaaace!

Tip Top Hurray! INDIEAHNER TV #16 ist im Kasten. Freut Euch mit uns auf die brandneue Show mit den bezaubernden Traded Pilots und dem fabelhaften und niemals resignierenden Lukas Meister. Sendetermin der Premiere auf ALEX Berlin wird Sonntag, der 27.03., 22 Uhr sein. Dank an Lukas für das schnucke Selfie : ) — with Lukas Meister,Traded Pilots,Thomas Wosnitza and Dan McGarry.


It’s been a mega start to the year: TRADED PILOTS recorded some veeeeery sexy drums and keys in the legendary RAK studio in Londontown – it was an experiment that opened up a whole new musical world for us. And an incredible one! 🙂 We have plenty of recording and editing dates lined up in the next two months- we’ll make sure to keep you in touch! Slowly slowly catchy monkey…

I’m itching to be on the road with the beautiful Ms BIRD again, so good news- the album recording is going well, it’s sounding bloody brilliant (in my opinion the best yet!!!) and we’re lining up the dates in the diary and general surprises. But that’s a secret, keep an eye on Wallis’ homepage: cause that’s where you’ll read it first!

TRALALKA‘s album recording went beautifully- all of the instrumental parts are down and in a couple of weeks we start recording vocals.

Thanks for keeping in touch! And hey, Spring is coming!!!!! 🙂