It’s been a mega start to the year: TRADED PILOTS recorded some veeeeery sexy drums and keys in the legendary RAK studio in Londontown – it was an experiment that opened up a whole new musical world for us. And an incredible one! 🙂 We have plenty of recording and editing dates lined up in the next two months- we’ll make sure to keep you in touch! Slowly slowly catchy monkey…

I’m itching to be on the road with the beautiful Ms BIRD again, so good news- the album recording is going well, it’s sounding bloody brilliant (in my opinion the best yet!!!) and we’re lining up the dates in the diary and general surprises. But that’s a secret, keep an eye on Wallis’ homepage: http://www.wallisbird.com/live/ cause that’s where you’ll read it first!

TRALALKA‘s album recording went beautifully- all of the instrumental parts are down and in a couple of weeks we start recording vocals.

Thanks for keeping in touch! And hey, Spring is coming!!!!! 🙂